Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

One wintery night in February 1967, four Catholics from Duquesne attended an interdenominational, charismatic prayer meeting located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Little did these four students know what they were getting themselves into when they entered the home of a Spirit-filled Presbyterian women. That night, they left her house filled with the Holy Spirit, returned to their campus and began praying over their fellow classmates who also received the power of the Holy Spirit. Unknown to these four, they had sparked a movement in the church known as the “Catholic Charismatic Renewal” that has since grown to 119 million members in over 230 countries.

This rich spiritual history motivates us to see continued renewal at the University level. We here at YWAM Pittsburgh are focussed on taking back seven of Pittsburgh’s college campuses for Christ. We are involved with these colleges in many ways. We partner with and attend their various campus faith meetings and prayer meetings on a regular basis. We also meet with the leaders of these ministries to develop the most effective strategy for reaching their campus with the Gospel. We seek to see their students and faculty be saved, to revive those already saved, and to train up Christians to win other souls.

Many of the Chinese, Japanese, Iraqi, Pakistani, and other Asian and middle eastern students we have shared with have been presented the Gospel for the first time. When we connect with these international students, we reach future world leaders thus impact future generations. Many graduates return to their home countries with a new-found knowledge of and faith in the Lord, able to reach their nation for the glory of the Gospel in ways we Americans are limited.

Recently, we had a group of Korean teenagers join us on a campus visit. While walking around school grounds, one of these teenagers and one of our staff had the joy of talking to a freshman Chinese student who had just moved here from China. As they shared the Gospel, he listened intently. As they were finishing up they asked if he would like to have a personal relationship with God, he responded with excited “Yes!” and said he never knew he could have a relationship with God. There is a real need for our universities to hear and understand the love of their Savior. 





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