Church Training

Church Training

One of our greatest desires is to offer our experience and tools to the local church.  We offer a variety of trainings which range from helping a church team prepare for a mission trip to a ten week course aimed at imparting a heart for evangelism and practical tools and techniques.

If you or your church are interested in any of the following trainings, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ministry Bridge School

The Ministry Bridge School, previously known as the School of Evangelism, is a 10-week course very similar to our Discipleship Training School (DTS). It involves weekly two-hour teaching sessions in the areas of character, knowing God, understanding the Father heart of God, practical ways of sharing the Gospel and how to defend your faith.

Practical application of the teaching is perhaps the most valuable part of the training. Two local Saturday outreaches and a weekend outreach to New York City will give you an opportunity to put learned principles into practice.

In addition to the Wordless Book tract, dance and drama, and follow-up training, a teaching on the Ten Most Common Objections to Christianity will also be included in this course. 


Equip Seminar 

This is an all-day seminar we offer to local churches. Our experienced missionary staff will equip your church to share their faith and answer difficult questions. We recommend that Saturdays be the day to schedule this. Teachings and trainings will differ depending on the needs of your church, but will cover topics such as: Sharing Your Faith, God's Heart for the Lost, The Ten Most Common Objections to Christianity, The Call of the Messenger, etc. These are offered throughout the year.


Outreach Leaders Workshop

We will be regularly offering Workshops to Pastors, Church Leaders, & Missionaries who will be leading outreaches throughout the year. We will cover topics such as effective evangelism, cross-cultural relations, logistics & planning, team dynamics, etc. Contact us for availability.


The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity

After 30 years of world missions, Douglas W. Tunney, director of YWAM Boston, began this teaching. Recognizing that the same questions were repeatedly being asked regardless of where he was, he sought to offer answers to the body of Christ. Gathering several of his experienced staff, the team spent well over 1,000 hours studying apologetics and finding answers to these common and sometimes difficult questions.

These common objections are:

1. The Bible was written by man. It is full of contradictions and errors. How can we trust it?

2. Jesus is a good man, a prophet, or maybe even a god, but he is not God

3. What about the person who never hears of Jesus his whole life?

4. I believe in God and think that all religions are good

5. I do not believe in God because there is no evidence

6. If God exists, why do the innocent suffer?

7. I believe in evolution so I cannot believe in the Bible also

8. How can I serve a God who had children killed?

9. A loving God would never put people in Hell

10. I'm happy and don't feel a need to change 

This training is a 4-6 hour seminar (depending on the depth you wish to go) which will encourage your body of believers and equip them to confidently answer questions that may have intimidated them in the past.  




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