Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Okay, so you want to join us for an awesome Joshua Generation trip but don’t yet have the funds. Does this sound familiar? With some tips and tools to help you start financing your upcoming trip, the prospect of raising your complete trip expense will be achievable! These are some great ways to start raising the money needed as well as build friendships and share your involvement in missions with others! People who cannot, themselves, go into the mission field can still be a part of what God is doing through you! It will require some work on your part (and some help from your parents, guardian or pastor), but it can be done and be fun!

Here are a few ideas to help get you started with your fundraising for the summer… 


  1. Hold a local business fundraiser. There are some businesses that hold fundraisers for you such as FIVE BELOWandCHIC-FIL-A. Research other local businesses online that may offer fundraisers. After picking a day for the event, you promote your fundraiser to others via flyers and social media. Then when they make a purchase from that business on that day using your flyer, a percentage of their total purchase will go towards your Joshua Generation trip balance. 
  2. Organize a community event. You can get your youth group, church or group of friends together to help you raise money for JG by doing car washes, bake sales (we suggest asking people to donate baked goods to you), rummage sales, etc. 
  3. Send out a fundraising request letter. An example letter will be mailed to you in your program acceptance packet. You can then copy, print and mail it to your family members, friends, dentist, doctor, soccer coach, dance teacher, taekwondo instructor, archery instructor, etc.
  4. Host a candy sale.  Contact local candy/chocolate companies such as SARRIS CANDIES or SEES CANDIES to see about boxed candy fundraisers. Sell it around your neighborhood, at local sporting events, at your parent's/guardian's place of employment and/or get permission to sell it in your school.
  5. Make a special request during your church service. Set up a meeting with the pastor or youth pastor of your church to request a brief promotion of your upcoming trip during your church service announcements and to take up an offering if possible. Make sure you have printed information on how to give to you set out on a table in the foyer for others to take with them. Be sure to greet church goers with a smile at your table following service and be ready to give them details of your trip!
  6. Set out a collection jar. Ask local stores if they would allow you to place a donation jar with your information on it at their check out counter for a specified period of time.
  7. Host a meal or other special event. People love to eat! You can hold a spaghetti dinner, woman’s tea, progressive meal, or men’s steak dinner at your church or community center. Request food donations for the event as well as some prizes that can be raffled away (i.e. gift baskets, sports game tickets). You can also request donations for your entry fee to the event.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. If you have any additional questions, please contact us. We’d be happy to give you some more pointers. Happy fundraising!

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