Visual Arts & Media DTS

Visual Arts and Media DTS

 Visual Arts and Media training school dts ywam youth with a mission pittsburgh

If your heart aches to see the Lord
bring life to the lost and the unreached
around the world using your skills, then the VAM-DTS
is your open door to this great adventure.



Do you desire to combine your skills of the arts/media and your passion for God? Find these two passions come together in the Visual Arts and Media DTS! This is a school that allows you to co-create with God and will prepare you for a life of ministry using tools and skills that you enjoy. Join us as we study 4 focuses of Visual Arts and Media: Film, Photography, Graphic Design and Fine Art (Drawing, Painting, Graffiti/Street Art, etc.). We are living in world that is heavily influenced by the media (print and electronic), It is time to be an influence to the nations communicating the message of the Gospel in creative ways. Visual Arts and Media DTS is a school designed to Know God and Make Him Known in our neighborhoods to the Nations!



During your LECTURE PHASE (3-months), you will be in the same main classes/lecture as the Basketball DTS and Cosmetology DTS, but we will have assigned times for DTS focus workshops throughout the week and hear from some of our Staff and different people involved in Visual Arts and Media. You will have the opportunity to work on individual and group projects to create different evangelistic tools to share the Gospel with the lost. You will be involved in some of our urban ministries and outreaches as well.Our historically vibrant city of Pittsburgh holds extensive opportunities to reach out to inner city youth, university students, a vast refugee community, etc., during your lecture phase. The classroom is not confined within four walls. Learning will be a combination of lecture plus application. Located in the heart of the culturally diverse South Side, outreach opportunities are quite literally right outside our front door! 


After three months of intensive discipleship and training, during the OUTREACH PHASE (2-months) you will be able to take the skills and evangelistic tools that you have learned to the nations. Our heart is to reach people for Jesus through evangelism using creative methods and tools. Visual Arts and Media DTS will helps us to think out of the box to communicate the love of God for all peoples. Every outreach is different depending on the country we go to and the gifts and skills of the team.



The only requirements that we have for the school are: -Basic or some knowledge of Film, Photography and/or Fine Arts -That you bring your own computer and a digital camera to be able to work on projects with.


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