DBS evening edition

Finding time in our busy schedules to read the Bible can be tough, and figuring out how to understand God's word can be even more of a challenge. This 3 month course is designed for busy individuals like you.

Meeting just once a week for 12 weeks, you will learn to trace God’s redemptive plan throughout the narrative of the Bible as you work through it chronologically. You’ll take away a greater understanding of the Bible’s big picture as well as methods for inductive Bible study and question asking.


Course specifics

During this course you will:

  • Read the entire Bible

  • Observe the chronology of biblical events 

  • Better understand each book in its historical context
  • Understand the harmony between the books
  • Be able to recognize the different genres of literature
  • Acquire incredibly useful methods of Bible study
  • Learn to present an overview of the Bible
  • Be equipped to more confidently lead a small group Bible study