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Playing ball with a eternal goal for his kingdom

basketball DTS


The impact of the game

We were created for camaraderie, challenge, and intimacy. When we work alongside each other for a common purpose, trust is developed. When we compete with one another, a bond of respect is forged. Basketball provides an environment for these things to happen naturally, and often very quickly. Where trust and respect are present, intimacy becomes a possibility, and there is nothing more intimate than the Gospel.

Through skills camps, open gym, local street ball, and organized games, we have seen basketball soften the hearts and minds of individuals to the love of God. Through the game and as we mentor, disciple, and play alongside others, we strive to share the love of God and the relationship He desires to have with those He created.

playing ball in missions

The Basketball Discipleship Training School (BDTS) aims to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God and prepare you as an effective messenger of the Gospel. We desire for you to discover your individual design, develop your passions and step into God’s greater purposes for your life.

Designed to "Know God and Make Him Known" in our neighborhoods to the nations, you’ll use your basketball skills as a method for missions to like-minded individuals. Engaging in the international sports world will allow direct access to it’s sphere of influence and give you an unique platform to share the Word. Past DTS students have even played competitive games against high school, college, club and even professional teams.

Lace up and join BDTS for an opportunity to use your passion and talent in a purpose greater than yourself, discovering the supreme value of your role in the Kingdom.


the 5 month journey

The DTS is made up of two unique phases: Lecture and Outreach. Both phases are required in order to complete your DTS. 


lecture phase : 12 weeks

In this classroom focussed phase, you will receive powerful teaching from motivating speakers and missionaries, meant to disciple, challenge, and encourage you. Such topics include:

  • Hearing God’s Voice

  • The Nature & Character of God

  • The Father Heart of God - His Heart for You & the World

  • Inductive Bible Study

  • Biblical Worldview & Apologetics

  • Destiny by Design - Finding God's purpose for your life

  • World Missions - Taking the Gospel to the Nations

  • Cross Cultural & Forefront Evangelism

  • Christian Rights Around the World

  • And much more!

This phase will also engage your mind, provide community-bonding, train you to use your tract focus for effective evangelism, and allow space for real heart change.

The BDTS will receive special basketball training weekly as well as help run a local Open Gym on Mondays, followed by another Open gym and Bible study on Wednesdays.

Outreach : 8 weeks

After Lecture, you will travel abroad to use basketball as a way to bring the Gospel to the nations.

It is a time to apply all you've learned about the nature and character of God, effective and creative evangelistic methods, and the heart of a missionary as you experience God use you to see lives changed beyond what you could have imagined.

The impact you will make on the court and in the nations as well as the personal effect this cross cultural experience will leave on you, will change our world forever. Every outreach is tailored to the country of focus, team dynamic and skill set. 

Outreach location will be determined after school begins.

Past outreaches have taken us to Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Belize, El Salvador, Liberia, Ghana, Namibia, Israel, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, Mongolia, China, India, Thailand, South Korea, Fiji, Samoa, Cuba, etc. 


-James Naismith

the inventor of basketball



Registration fee $35

Due with your submitted application. Can be paid online or by mail.


Lecture fees covers ground transportation costs, food, housing & lecture materials. The fee for the lecture phase is due at the start date.


Outreach fees cover airfare and other transportation costs, food and housing. The fee for the outreach phase will be due by the end of the first 4 weeks of the school.

Total Basketball DTS Cost: $6,735

Both phases are required in order to complete a DTS.

Students from specific countries may qualify for Financial Aid in the form of a Lecture Phase Discount. Click below for details.


Students must:

  • Be 17 years of age or older with a high school diploma or a “Certificate of High School Equivalency” (Ex. GED) 

  • Speak the English language proficiently

  • Complete all application forms in order to be considered for acceptance




  • September 11, 2019 - February 7, 2020

  • March 11, 2020 - August 7th, 2020

  • September 9, 2020 - February 5, 2021


International students will need a VISA to attend DTS. Once you have received acceptance to our DTS, you will be provided a special letter with which formal application for a B-1 Visa can be made in a US Consulate or Embassy. Full details will be given to you once accepted.

Please do not apply for any visas without our acceptance letter.


Still have questions? Check out our list of most frequently asked questions. Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us.


The basketball Tract

This tract focuses on using the game of basketball to reach athletes of all nationalities with the gospel. We will train and prepare you to use the following methods and work in various ministries:

  • Run basketball camps

  • Physical fitness training

  • Designated practice times

  • Preparing for international games

  • Local inner city open gym

There is NO required playing experience to take part in BDTS. The school is open to both male and female applicants.

Please note this is not a “basketball camp” nor a “local traveling basketball team”. This is a 5 month, live-in, missions minded school aimed at one’s relationship with God, using basketball as a means to share the Gospel worldwide.



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