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it’s time for the next generation to go global


The YWAM Pittsburgh Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an intense, 5 month, live-in program designed to “Know God and Make Him Known.” We believe in you and we believe God is calling up the next generation, so we go all in. This full-time course will bring you into a more intimate relationship with Him and equip you to share Him creatively and effectively with the world before you. It gives space for you to discover your passions and important role in God’s purposes for the world.

The DTS consists of two unique portions: the Lecture Phase and the Outreach Phase. Both phases are required in order to complete your DTS.



The first step in your DTS journey is to customize your DTS and apply. We now offer 4 distinct DTS Tracts.

A tract is a specific area of focus during your school. All 4 tracts run their lectures side by side, joining in lecture, worship, prayer, meals and community events together. Special training time in your area of interest is scheduled into your week followed by plenty of opportunities to practice your new skills in the mission field around the city of Pittsburgh. Scroll down to Customize Your DTS to learn more about each focus.



In the 3 month Lecture Phase, you’ll dive down deep in your relationship with God through weekly lecture topics, worship, prayer, time alone with Him and discipleship by our dedicated missionary staff. You’ll grow in faith in a supportive community of adventurous, diverse, like-minded youth eager to impact the world alongside you. We will equip you to effectively communicate the Gospel locally and cross-culturally and answer those difficult questions and objections you’ve likely already encountered from your peers.

In addition, time weekly will be spent focussing on your DTS Tract’s distinct area of focus, developing your skills and practically applying them throughout the city of Pittsburgh.


The 2 month Outreach Phase is our response to the Great Commission: to take the Good News to the nations! This phase is where you apply what you learned in the classroom through an intense, cross-cultural experience overseas. We are committed to impacting people globally with the love of Jesus. Equipped with a new perspective and specialized skills, you will share the Gospel in another nation (or nations) and see others’ lives changed forever.

Come experience firsthand the impact you can have on others by communicating His awesome, redeeming love in unendingly creative ways. You will never be the same.


“…for the first time,

I experienced God personally


and not just heard from others about him. Now I know with all my heart and mind that God is real and loving and almightY.”

-Robin from Germany, SPRING 2018 PFDTS


 the 2 phases of dtS

Here’s what’s covered in a DTS as you consider the next steps in your life.



For 12 weeks, all four DTS Tracts will join together to receive powerful teaching from motivating speakers and missionaries, meant to disciple, challenge, and encourage you. Such topics include:

  • Hearing God’s Voice

  • The Nature & Character of God

  • The Father Heart of God - His Heart for You & the World

  • Inductive Bible Study

  • Biblical Worldview & Apologetics

  • Destiny by Design - Finding God's purpose for your life

  • World Missions - Taking the Gospel to the Nations

  • Cross Cultural & Forefront Evangelism

  • Justice & Christian Rights Around the World

  • And much more…

This phase will also engage your mind, provide community-bonding, train you to use your tract focus for effective evangelism, and allow space for real heart change. You’ll be equipped for the outreach phase, having your character matured and your faith in God deepened.


Grab your passport, it’s time to go global. Your DTS will spend 6-8* weeks overseas applying the principles you learned during your lectures. Each tract will use a variety of outreach tools and skills to reach others with the Gospel and love of God. Be ready for your worldview to expand as you experience the beauty and diversity of other cultures and see God impact the nations through you.

You’ll return to the US having seen many people begin a relationship with the Lord, knowing they will be discipled in the local churches or Christian groups who hosted you in their community. You’ll gradate with a greater understanding of the character of God and your place in his vision and purposes worldwide.

Past outreaches have taken us to Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Belize, El Salvador, Liberia, Ghana, Namibia, Israel, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, Mongolia, China, India, Thailand, South Korea, Fiji, Samoa, Cuba, etc.

*Generally our schools spend 8 weeks Internationally, however, some schools may spend a brief portion of their outreach phase stateside. The DTSes that begin in March also get to be involved with our Joshua Generation, teen missions program, following their international outreach.



dates & cost

Select a DTS tract below to view dates, costs & additional information, including FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


  • Students must be at least 17 years of age or older with a high school diploma or a “Certificate of High School Equivalency” (Ex. GED) 

  • Students must speak the English language proficiently 

  • Complete all application forms in order to be considered for acceptance

  • Tract specific requirements will be listed on their respective pages


International students will need a VISA to attend DTS. Once you have received acceptance to our DTS, you will be provided a special letter with which formal application for a B-1 Visa can be made in a US Consulate or Embassy. Full details will be given to you once accepted.

Please do not apply for any visas without our acceptance letter.






Visual imagery is powerful. In the world around us, we are bombarded by media, and it impacts us deeply. In this tract, you will learn to use photograph and videography to express your ideas, communicate your passion and ultimately, bring people closer to the heart of God. Join us for PFDTS as we co-create with the most awesome Creator. Come see God expand your potential as you see others through His lens.


  • SEPT. 2019

  • MARCH 2020

  • SEPT. 2020


The game of basketball was created to "win men for the Master through the gym." As one of the fastest growing sports internationally, the opportunity to use this game to spread the Gospel has endless opportunities. Use your skills on courts in Pittsburgh and the nations to impact individuals worldwide. If basketball is your passion, this tract, open to male and female applicants, gives you the opportunity to serve in a unique, action-packed setting.


  • SEPT. 2019

  • MARCH 2020

  • SEPT. 2020


Designed to “Know God and Make Him Known”, the CDTS is not a program for the faint of heart. God commissioned us to take his love to the nations and we are all in. In these 5 month, you’ll deepen your relationship with Lord as you grow in a dynamic community of globally minded youth, eager to impact the world. Outreach in another culture will transform you as you see God use you to impact the nations. This isn’t your mother’s missions. God’s raising the next generation to change hearts and eternities one life at a time. Your time is now.


  • SEPT. 2019

  • MARCH 2020

  • SEPT. 2020


Women tell their hair-stylists everything. Using hairdressing, facials, manicures, pedicures, massage, body art, truth and lots of love, we are bridging the gap to hurting hearts. The COSDTS is designed to call the female back to her God-given value and purposes. Women are waiting for someone to hear their cry and show them a better way. The way of Love himself. Join us as we proclaim freedom for the captives, give hope to the lost, and make connections that will echo into eternity. 


  • SEPT. 2019

  • MARCH 2020

  • SEPT. 2020