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summer teen missions trips for individuals

Joshua generation


The next generation was made for more


Joshua Generation is a two-week, summer, teen-missions program for individuals ages 12-18.

With JG, you will:

  • Make your summer count

  • Learn to hear God’s voice

  • Deepen your relationship with God in the one week bootcamp

  • Experience God use you to impact the lives of others during the one week of outreach

  • Make friends for life

  • Use a mix of dance, drama, sports, conversation, and friendships to lead others into relationship with Jesus

It was Joshua’s generation that took the promised land. Discipled by Moses, Joshua led God’s people courageously to the land set before them. Young and bold, he knew God’s call for his life required more than mediocrity and he stepped up to the challenge and changed the course of history forever.

Our world desperately needs the powerful message of Jesus and this next generation is responding. Today’s youth are rising up, and we believe with the right tools, opportunities and encouragement, they will impact the world.

This means you. The time is now. You were made for more and you can feel it. This summer, rise up and join us for a life-changing 2 weeks.


2 weeks of awesome

1 Week Bootcamp

This is a time for you to discover the intimate relationship God desires to share with you, as you also share Him with others. There will be daily worship, devotions, personal time with Jesus, dynamic teachings, trainings on how to share our faith, sports, games and down time with new friends. Our trained and dedicated missionary staff will equip you to effectively share the Gospel, answer hard questions and connect with the hearts of those we'll meet.

1 Week Outreach

This adventure continues as you see God work through your life on the streets. Having been given the tools and support you’ll need to see lives changed by yours, you'll feel confident to head out to multi-cultural neighborhoods, plazas, parks, rec. centers, etc. with the Good News.

Using a mix of sports, drama, dance, kids programs, arts, cosmetology, and most importantly conversation, you will see people come to Jesus. You’ll see God heal people physically, emotionally and from addictions. You will see that God can use you to impact others. It's even better than you can imagine.

age Requirements

Students must be ages 12-18



July 5th- July 21st, 2019


  • $585 (this includes the $35 application fee)

To pay for your trip, see the link below.

fundraising ideas 

Here's a list to help you get started fundraising for your trip 

Volunteer as JG Staff

Older than 18 but still want to get involved? Join us as a Volunteer JG Staff. Follow the link to apply today.

...the other girl who previously doubted [the existence of] God prayed to accept Him into her life for the first time

“We told them things about a life with Christ and about a relationship with Him...things they never knew before. The more we shared about our experience with God, the more excited they got. So two of the girls prayed with us to rededicate their lives to Christ and the other girl who previously doubted [the existence of] God prayed to accept Him into her life for the first time.”

-SOPHIA, JG Student


OUTREACH location: philadelphia


after bootcamp in pittsburgh, our outreach will be to philadelphia, “the city of brotherly love”!

Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.

Jos. 1:9