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full service missions trips for groups

mission adventures

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about missions adventures

Missions Adventures (MA) is a short-term outreach ministry for groups. Our dedicated missionary staff will take care of the details of your missions trip so you can focus on your team.  We call it “maintenance-free missions”. We cover all the bases: food, housing, transportation, ministry planning, translation, and supplies so you can assume your role of pastor and not administrator.

You show up with your group, we’ll handle the rest.

The MA experience

You won’t go unprepared. Our experienced missionaries work to equip you and your team with tools to express the Gospel across cultures. Not only will you get practical techniques to prepare your words, but our dynamic training will prepare your hearts for all God intends to do in and through your group. 

In serving others, your kids can fulfill who they are intended to be in Christ. Jesus teaches us that when we lose ourselves for His sake, it is then that we will find real life. 


be equipped | change the world | serve others | be transformed


locations & Ministry focus

We offer trips to:

Click below for a description of the city culture and ministry focus for each specific outreach location.


The length of your trip is up to you! Tailor your trip by choosing a set of dates that best works for you, then contact us for availability or submit the inquiry below.

  • A typical trip to PGH averages 5 days.

  • A typical trip to NY averages 7 days.


  • $50 per person/ day

(A 5 day trip would be $250/person)

  • One Day Trips that do not include housing are $25 per person


One Day Trips

A life can change drastically in the course of a day. This is why we now offer all-day Saturday programs. We would love to host your group for a one day outreach into the city of Pittsburgh. For only $25 per person, your group will receive inductive training and plenty of opportunity for ministry. Your one day trip will look like this:

  • 9 am:   Arrival, Worship and Training

  • 12 pm: Lunch

  • 1pm:   Outreach

  • 6pm: Dinner, Outreach (if more is desired) and Debriefing


Participants ages 12 - 99 welcome!

A majority of our participants range in age from 12 to 20 years old, with most being of high school age. However, we have loved having adult groups join us as well! If you’re 12 or older and you want to impact the world, join us!

fundraising ideas 

Here's a list to get your team started on fundraising for their missions trip.

Need more ideas? Checkout MA’s main site for more.


“i cannot say enough great things about my experience at YWAM Pittsburgh…The staff made it very easy for us to jump right in and made us feel so welcome. The work they're doing among the refugees is wonderful.

I was so inspired…My youth didn't want to go home.

We will definitely be working with them again.”

-Pastor Matt Klunchar, Youth Pastor @ Struthers Parkside Church


OUTREACH locations: Pittsburgh or New York


Pittsburgh may be known for its 3 major sport’s teams, many bridges, Primanti Bro's Sandwiches, Heinz ketchup but it lays claim to being “home” to tens of thousands of university students and international refugees as well as whole communities longing for the hope found in Jesus. Students from all over the world are coming to Pittsburgh to further their education, creating a unique blend of nationalities and cultures in our own backyard. An astounding number of Nepali and Burmese (more specifically the Karen people group) refugees now call Pittsburgh home.

Did you know there are a whopping 90 neighborhoods that make up Pittsburgh? The basketball courts in the Hill District are bordered by the businesspeople in Downtown on the west, the multi-cultural vendors in the Strip District, the city’s best pierogies and kielbasy in Polish Hill on the north, the lawyers of Bluff (Uptown) on the southwest, and energetic university students and NHL’s Penguins arena in Oakland on the east and southeast. Our neighborhoods are as diverse as our people! Isn’t that a little glimpse of what heaven is like in Revelation 7? We invite you to partner with us in reaching the diverse demographics of our city in a variety of ways.


 MA Pittsburgh may included the following ministry opportunities:

  • Sharing your faith on college campuses and in neighborhood plazas/parks

  • Running various Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) for local youth and/or refugees

  • Using dance, drama, and sports to draw crowds for group evangelism

  • Hosting basketball clinics

  • Sharing the Gospel using Solarium, a photographic, conversation-sparking tool

  • Teaching English

  • Serving in a number of community service projects

  • Plus any other ways God leads us to effectively communicate His Gospel…


New York City, known commonly as “The Big Apple” and famous for Times Square, Broadway and the Statue of Liberty, is the most populated urbanized area with a population of 8.3 million within it’s five boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Wow, that’s huge!  Did you know that today, 37% of NYC’s population is foreign born? There are over 800 languages spoken, the most linguistically diverse city in the world! The nations are in our neighboring state of New York!

In the shadows of its numerous sky scrapers, bustles a vibrant city that aches for truth and purpose. NYC is a different experience than most places. It is one of the most famous and important cities that greatly affects the rest of the world. 

God has brought these Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, and those of other belief systems from the farthest corners of the world where we can more easily reach them with the Gospel as many of their home countries are closed to the Gospel. Join us for a life changing experience ministering to those of various religions, nationalities, cultures, backgrounds and economic wealth. 


 MA New York may included the following ministry opportunities:

  • Offering prayer and conversation using Prayer Stations

  • Sharing your faith at famous tourist hotspots and in borough plazas/parks

  • Visiting at risk youth with Children of the City, a family development organization

  • Sharing the Gospel using Solarium, a photographic, conversation-sparking tool

  • Using dance, drama, and sports to draw crowds for group evangelism

  • Plus any other ways God leads us to effectively communicate His Gospel…