How can my child apply?

Joshua Generation (JG) applications are available on our  APPLICATION page.

You can mail, email or fax your completed application back to us.

Where should I send payment for the program?

You can mail payment to:

YWAM Pittsburgh 

       c/o Joshua Generation

1912 Brownsville Rd.

Pittsburgh, PA. 15210

 You can also make a secure payment online at  JG PAYMENTS


Can my child stay in my home and commute to JG daily?

Joshua Generation is designed for students to have fellowship with one another and they will have to stay at the boot camp location to participate in the program. 


If my child is coming from out of state or country, will transportation to and from the airport be provided?

Yes. Please plan to arrive a day early. Send us their flight information and we will make the proper arrangements.


What will my child need to bring?

A “What to Bring” list is included in the JG application. Please retain this page for your records when you mail the application back to us.


Should my child pack snacks?

All food will be provided. There really isn’t a need for them to bring additional snacks unless they have allergy or dietary restrictions.


Can you accommodate my child’s food allergy?

Yes, proper care will be given to any students with a food allergy. Please detail their allergy in the designated space of their application.


How much spending money will my child need?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, housing and transportation will be provided for your son or daughter for the duration of their time in the program. However, they will have opportunities to buy snacks or souvenirs when permission is given. We do not recommend bringing more than $50.


How will my child receive his or her medication(s)? Will there be a Registered Nurse at Joshua Generation?

There will not be a registered nurse during Joshua Generation (JG) but there will be a designated “Team Parent” during both the boot camp and outreach phases. They will distribute the correct dosage to them at the correct time each day.  If there is an emergency and they need to seek greater medical attention, we will make sure to contact you immediately and get the necessary treatment.


How much physical activity will my child need to participate in during JG?

The days during bootcamp will be filled with a lot of physical activity. (i.e. games, danc­ing, drama, sports, etc.) Outreach involves a lot of walking in addition to dancing, acting in dramas, and playing sports.



What does a boot camp day look like?

Beginning early each morning we will have breakfast, devotionals, quiet times, worship, lecture, team time and performance practice. Lunch will begin at approximately 12:30PM. For a half hour after lunch they will either have free time or work duties. In the afternoon, we will continue with performance practice and an apologetics workshop, followed by dinner around 5:30PM. If they had work duties after lunch, then after dinner they will have free time and vice-versa. We will finish our evening with games, snack, then another worship and teaching session. Lights out will be at 11PM.


Can my child come late to boot camp?

No. It is the best case scenario for your child and their team for them to arrive on time. Please contact us for special consideration in case of extreme circumstances.


Where will my child be sleeping?

During bootcamp, they will be sleeping in our designated dormitory-style rooms at our YWAM Pittsburgh ministry center. These rooms are non-coed and resident JG staff will monitor the rooms. When on outreach, we will work alongside host homes and host churches to make sleeping arrangements. There is no guarantee for a bed for all the students, so they might be asked to sleep on the floor. Additional information on what bedding to bring, please refer to the “What to Bring” list in the application.


Will my child be able to contact me?

Students will be allowed to contact you using a staff member’s phone. We do not allow cell phones, mp3 players, ipods, tablets, etc. because they can be a major distraction from what God wants to do during their time at Joshua Generation. We also want to encourage them to connect with those here. 


Will I be able to contact them during bootcamp?

Should you need to contact your child during bootcamp, please call YWAM Pittsburgh at (412) 996-3823.


Will I be able to visit my child?

Yes. Joshua Generation will be hosting a Parent’s night at our ministry center near the end of bootcamp. We are also in need of volunteers for kitchen and laundry help during the week.


What is “Parent’s Night”? 

Parent’s night is a set time during the boot camp when the parents are allowed to come visit their child. They will get to see and hear what they have been learning (dances, drama, testimonies, etc.) and also serve as a special “sending off” before the teams leave for outreach.


What clothing will my child need?

During the boot camp, the students will need to wear comfortable, non-formfitting clothes that allow for a lot of physical activity, as described in their “What to Bring” list.

Aside from mandatory list of items to pack, your child will be given three team shirts that will be worn for each day of outreach. We will provide laundry service as needed on outreach. Please refer to the “What to Bring” list in the application.




What does an outreach day look like?

The students will have breakfast provided for them at their host homes or host churches. They will then meet together at the host church for devotionals and quiet times. The leaders will brief the team on the day’s schedule, organize the team and head out for ministry. Outreach will begin usually no later than 10AM. Lunch will be a packed lunch. Outreach will continue all afternoon and arrive back at the church around 5:30-6PM for dinner. Usually, we head back out to the streets after dinner for more ministry or follow up on new believers for no more than 2 hours. We will then debrief and then head to our host homes or host church for the night.


Will my child be on a team with people he or she knows?

Possibly. In most cases we do honor those requests to keep people together. Other times, we find it best to split up students from the same church so that they have varied experiences.


How can I contact my child while he or she is on outreach?

In case of emergency during, you can contact your child’s team leader. Their contact phone number will be mailed to you in your Joshua Generation acceptance packet prior to the start of the program. Likewise, your child will be able to contact you with his or her staff member’s phones and will be strongly encouraged to do so every couple days.





Where can I pick up my child?

You will be able to pick up your child at YWAM Pittsburgh’s ministry center.

We are located at 1912 Brownsville Rd., Pittsburgh, PA., 15210.


Can I pick my child up at the outreach location before you return back in Pittsburgh?

Yes, special arrangements can be made for you in advance.


Can I pick up my child early?

It is the best case scenario for your child and their team for them to stay until the end. Please contact us for special consideration in case of extreme circumstances.


How will my child be traveling to the outreach locations?

All program participants will be driven in YWAM’s 15-passenger vans, and minivans. We are fully insured and our drivers are experienced and properly licensed. Your child’s safety is our main priority.